Jas M.B.


“All Jas M.B. bags and accessories are hand-made in London and feature his trademark weightless construction in design craftsmanship. In 1993 Jas established his name as a leading accessories designer when he created the first ever DJ bag. By Spring 2000, Jas made a departure from nylon and canvas and returned to working using fine Italian leather, this time dyed and treated in-house. The result was a limited collection called Jas M.B, which was quickly picked up by Barneys New York and YMC in London…selling out within days.” (http://www.doorsbyjasmb.com)

I’ve been stalking Jas M.B. bags at Totokaelo.com (see previous entries on the online retailer here).  I’m in need of a well-crafted and functional leather bag.  One day I’ll get me hands on one of these!