Tuesday Nights at Trophy Bar: Asia Dogs!


Every Tuesday night at Trophy Bar is Asia Dog night!  From 8-10PM, you can enjoy the delightfully   delicious selection of Asian-inspired veggie, beef and organic dogs!  My favorite was the Sidney – a  cucumber, mango, onion, and fish sauce relish…so good!  I heard the burger was awesome too.  The  dogs are grilled to order and you won’t break the bank.

Treats run from $3-$4.  See you there next week?

Here’s a peak at the selection:

“Ginny” kimchi w/ roasted seaweed flakes
“Ito” Japanese curry w/ shredded kimchi apples
“Vinh” Banh Mi style hot dog
“Sidney” mango, cucumber,red onion, and fishsauce relish
“Mel and Steve” Asian slaw
“Wang Ding” bbq pork belly
“Mash” spicy ketchup, jalapeño mustard w/ potato
chip crumbs.