Monocle’s Top 25 Liveable Cities 2009

Monocle has named it’s Top 25 Liveable Cities of 2009.  Listen to their countdown of the top metropolises, the survey is available in Issue 25 of Monocle (July/Aug 2009).

(Via PSFK)

Monocle Magazine have announced their annual index of most liveable cities. Zurich comes in top place mainly for its vast investment in transport; Copenhagen is second for its mix of metropolitan life, great healthcare, low crime rates and a relaxed vibe; at 3, Monocle describes Tokyo as the world’s most livable megapolis and praises the city’s commitment to plant 1 million trees; 4th is Munich which blends history and innovation with ease and is generally a good place to do business; and Helsinki comes 5th partly because it has no Starbucks. Here’s the full list:

1. Zurich
2. Copenhagen
3. Tokyo
4. Munich
5. Helsinki
6. Stockholm
7. Vienna
8. Paris
9. Melbourne
10. Berlin
11. Honolulu
12. Madrid
13. Sydney
14. Vancouver
15. Barcelona
16. Fukuoka
17. Oslo
18. Singapore
19. Montreal
20. Aukland
21. Amsterdam
22. Kyoto
23. Hamburg
24. Geneva
25. Lisbon