Woodblock Dreams

This past fall, I took a Japanese woodblock class at the Manhattan Graphic Center. You might have seen my photo in an issue of TimeOut NY (you probably didn’t because it was tiny) highlighting classes at the studio space.

Below is an old print of mine circa 2003.

I took the class at Manhattan Graphic Center to learn more about traditional woodblock printing and the advantages of being able to print without the need of a press. I was looking for inspiration and came across Annie Bissett’s work via her blog Woodblock Dreams. She shares my love of the reduction print (Reduction prints are when you reduce your block for each new color. You carve a little and print all your prints in the lightest color then carve some more and print in a darker color and so forth).

Serenity Prayer by Annie Bissett

She’s taken a very traditional art form to create works that tackle contemporary issues and modern imagery.
Moku Hanga printing lives on…